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High quality manual link building services and measurable results! Search engines take this serious, do you?

Content Creation

Not just content, but viral content that gets people talking. Build website traffic, increase search rankings and grow sales.
Beautiful custom websites, built for search engines and more traffic. Because Your website say a lot about you.

Search Engine Optimization – Website Marketing

Be it products, service, businesses or informational, a search engines role is to help internet users find exactly what they are looking for, and fast. Our role is put your website at the top of those search results.

Link Building Services

Peak Website Optimization is a professional Link Building Company that specializes in building website traffic and getting web pages indexed quickly. In part, we attribute this to manual link building strategies and systems that earn inbound links from authoritative sites. We pay close attention to what the search engines are looking for and implement highly effective strategies that have lasting, positive effects for you and your business. Our team can also assist you with press releases, blogs, directory submissions, articles and more. Learn More About Link Building Services.

SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)

Website optimization is a combination of many on-page and off-page factors, none of which can be omitted. From keyword research and website audits to earned backlinks, social media sharing and viral content or infographics, we have your solution. We stress that to do the job right, and that’s what you want, there are no quick fixes. We’ll give you a step-by-step plan to move your site to the top search engine positions to boost your website rankings and increase your traffic. Learn More About SEO Services.

Content Creation Services

When it comes to top website rankings and top Google positions, it’s pretty clear, the search engines today are looking for unique, informative, viral content, and lot’s of it. In regards to search engine optimization services it’s not acceptable to stuff in a bunch of keywords and duplicate content. Good content written by trained copywriters is powerful, creates natural inbound links, boost social networking practices and builds your sales. Learn More About Content Creation Services.

Website Building Services

Alarming, but true, 8 out of 10 people say they judge a business by it’s website. We create eye-catching websites that are optimized for the search engines, which can help people to find you when they are shopping online. We deliver website creation solutions that are affordable, easy to manage, in effortless on your part. Learn More About Website Building Services.

Social Media Marketing Services

There is nothing like two-way conversations and referrals to boost sales and website rankings. The social network system is here to stay and nearly 80% of the populating uses it on a daily basis, and website owners can ill-afford not to tap into it. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, we do it all. Learn More About Social Media Services.

Pay-Per-Click Management Services

Low cost, affordable PPC management solutions. There’s no easier, or faster way to capturing hot, ready to buy customers. We can manage your entire paid search portfolio from account set up, to keyword research and ad copy creation. Ask about targeted search advertising campaigns and detailed reporting that deliver measurable ROI’s. Learn More About Pay-Per-Click Management Services.


SEO in the New Age

In the beginning days of Google search engine optimization was as easy as stuffing a website with keywords and repeating them over and over. The downside was users did not get what they were looking for and it discouraged future use of internet searches. For example a user would search for local “tennis courts” in their area and would end up on a website that was selling Nike “tennis shoes” simply because the word tennis (and Nike, and shoes) was stuffed all over the place.

In an effort to dramatically improve the search results returned to a user Google came up with a new algorithm that would change the internet forever. Specifically they examined the volume of inbound links that pointed to a website. The understanding was links equal votes or popularity and the more links you had pointing to your website to higher your authority was and hence the better your rankings were.

Like all things website owners found ways to fool the search engines (at least temporarily) and begin buying links from link farms, spammy blog sites, low quality directories, and a number of other link building techniques that had one purpose in mind, and that was techniques to trick the search engines.

Those webmasters were soon faced with the reality that Google will always adapt to theses SEO tricks and most of them paid the price after the new algorithm release came out which only discounted the value of those links but in many cases they were severely penalized and their rankings feel off the net costing thousands of businesses to go under. The lesson to learn was if you are going to count on your website to run your business then you should use SEO techniques that are legitimate, such as high quality directories like the BBB directory and the Yahoo Directory and having content on your website that is worthy of “earning” links from other website owners (of course you’ll need to know how to promote that content too).

At Peak we teach the following as good, bullet proof practice for build building a website and optimizing a website and its authority which ultimately earns an increase in quality traffic:

 SEO Beginners Guide

  • Start with Googles Free Keyword Tool to discover what terms are being searched for in your industry. This will be the foundation of how you write content for your website. You’ll determine what phrases people are searching for and build out multiple pages based on that information.
  • Put an irresistible offer at the top of your home page. This is a bit off the SEO side but what’s the point of getting traffic if you can’t convert them into sales? Think about Groupon. They offer irresistible deals and their business is built on it, and that thought process turned them into a billion dollar company over night and I am sure it earned them massive inbound links! Give something away or whatever it takes to draw them in. This will take some creative thinking but don’t table it.
  • Write great content. Once you have your keywords and phrases stop thinking about search engines and start thinking about people. Write about things that people would naturally want to link back to. Give away awesome advice and tips, provide information that no one else is, and don’t just write something for the search engines. Natural is better and the search engines are far smarter than you might think.
  • Create unique page titles for each and every page and then write a strong message in the “description” meta tag.
  • Make sure your site can easily be navigated to find what users need and then add a sitemap.
  • If you have images make sure to optimize them with title too.
  • Use heading tags correctly (may take some help from an expert).

You may need an SEO company to handle the above but if you’ve got that part down the last step is fully optimizing your website by building quality inbound links, promoting it with social networking and building your authority for your industry search terms. If we can be of help and you’d like a free quote please let us know and request a quote for SEO services today. Contrary to what some may think SEO is alive and we’ll bring your back to life with new age techniques.


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