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Link Building Companies

Link Building Companies

SEO Link Building Companies

Powerful – Measurable Results. Some search engine optimization firms get it, and some just don’t. We can help you with written quotes from the best qualified link building companies in the nation.

Link building is very important in SEO and holds significant value when it comes to ranking your site. If you are looking for an SEO link building company, you need to be very careful with the type of company you go for. Link building companies fall under three categories and these are:

  • White hat
  • Black hat
  • Grey hat

All these hats are techniques used by link building companies to generate links for your website. Each hat color indicates whether you are working with a company that sticks to ethical practices or one that gives you links contrary to the laid out search engine conditions and terms.

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White Hat Link Building Companies

White hat techniques as you may have guessed are pure. In other words such a company is using ethical SEO techniques, and as a client you can rest assured that search engines will not penalize your site due to improper back linking. Unfortunately, white hat techniques are an on-going process and you will not realize results fast. White hat companies will create quality links with sites that want to generate links with you. They optimize on social media and will attract great social media links and arrange for exchange of links with sites that are relevant with your niche. White techniques also ask directories and other sites to link to the site, so what you are basically generating are ethically sourced links.

Black Hat Link Building Companies

Black hat techniques are unacceptable and these often attract penalties from search engines. Beware of a service provider with unrealistic promises, such as the ability to generate 50 quality links in a few hours. This is definitely a company that uses black hat techniques and you need to stay away from such companies. The reason why black hat companies tend to attract clients is because they promise fast results, and due to their unethical practices they will deliver these fast results. Unfortunately, your site will eventually get caught up and will suffer various penalties. Black hat companies use link farms to generate links, and these are often from unrelated sites. They will also spam social media sites, blogs and forums with your links and though search engines will not really penalize you for this, it is still considered a very unethical practice.

Grey Hat Link Building Companies

Grey hat techniques fall between white hat and black hat. The techniques used are not necessarily going to get your site penalized but are still not ethical. While using a company that generates links using grey hat techniques seems like a smart move, remember that SEO rules keeps changing. What is considered grey hat could quickly be listed as black hat. Grey hat techniques involve the use of paid links, irrelevant link building and planned three way links.

For obvious reasons, if you are looking for a link building company, we recommend white hat techniques.

 Link Building Companies

Advantages of a SEO Link Building Service Company

Quality Link Building: Many people ignore the fact that websites need quality links and not just any kind of links. Not all links are beneficial to your site, and the links need to have relevance because this is what drives traffic. Further, some links can do far more damage to your website rankings than they can good. With a professional SEO link building service, you are able get quality links that add value to your website and grow your traffic with measurable results.

Well Balanced Links: There are three types of links and these are external, internal and reciprocal links. Now having just one category of links such as internal links which basically interlink your content will not do much for your SEO. You need to have all around links, and these include internal links, outgoing links and reciprocal links with other sites. On your own, it’s really hard to get another valuable site to reciprocate and link back to your site, but SEO professionals are in a position to negotiate such favors.

SEO Compliance: Not all links are good for you, and some may even make your site penalized. Good examples of links that could have your site penalized include: dead links and spam links. A good SEO professional knows the rules of link building and will not use a black hat link building trick to get you top search engine results.

How Much Does it Cost & How Long Does it Take?

We know, the big question is cost and time to see measurable results. To best answer this question we first need to do a free, in-depth analysis of your website, and your competitors. Simply request a free written quote and we’ll supply you with a detailed outline to help you dominate your industry keywords.

Let us provide you with a free written quote on SEO Link Building Services and we’ll clearly describe how it will be done and why it work.

Quote from Google:
“Any links intended to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site, or outgoing links from your site. Manipulating these links may affect the quality of our search results, and as such is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.”

Quote from Google:
“The best way to get other sites to create relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can quickly gain popularity in the Internet community. The more useful content you have, the greater the chances someone else will find that content valuable to their readers and link to it.”

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