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SEO Packages

SEO Packages

SEO Packages and Services

Every client we work with has one common goal: Traffic. The bottom line is the higher your website ranks in the search engine results and is seen by relevant users, the more traffic you get.

There are different types of SEO Packages provided by SEO companies, and while we have listed a few below be assured that there is no such thing as a one size fits all SEO package. Companies that offer a “click here” to select your price and package should be very carefully examined before entering into any long term agreements. It’s also a fairly good idea to remember that you get what you pay for, and that’s especially true in search engine marketing. The danger is that the wrong type of package or service not only doesn’t get the job done right but it also can cause significant damage that can take months if not years to repair.

How Do We Know Our SEO Techniques Work?

Best SEO Packages


Manual versus Automated SEO Packages

Depending on how much you are willing to spend for the service, you may be asked to choose between a package on automated SEO or manual SEO. First things first, we highly suggest that you only use manual process. These two have a huge difference, and usually automated SEO packages are more affordable, but less effective and potential dangerous. This is because they reduce the workload of the SEO Company and have minimum costs as they incorporate the use of automated systems. The major problem with automated SEO packages is that they are often a one size fits all package and are not customized to cater for the unique needs of your website. Manual SEO requires more involvement by the SEO Company, and you will need to invest more in such an SEO service. That said it is usually more beneficial as its solutions are customized for your business. This means that content is produced the traditional way and the links are generated from reliable well researched sources that are relevant with your site.

Pay for Performance versus Monthly SEO Packages

These packages are new in the SEO game and were perhaps established to keep up with the massive competition going on in the SEO world. Monthly SEO packages require a flat monthly fee, and these include services that have been agreed upon by the client and the SEO service. On the other hand, pay for performance packages are different and are post paid as opposed to being pre-paid. You pay only for the results and while this sounds like an ideal practice, it encourages SEO companies to engage in unethical practices as they are motivated by the pay. While it’s not easy to identify a company’s real intention for using the pay for performance package, its best that you do your homework on the techniques they use. Again, we highly recommend monthly services from reputable marketing agencies.

SEO Packages Prices

White Hat versus Black Hat SEO Packages

There are companies that don’t hide the fact they use black hat SEO tricks and if you going for a package that promises to deliver fast results this is probably a black hat SEO package. White hat SEO packages include services such as ethical link building and this means that your links are generated without payment, solicitation and other unethical practices. We’re sure you can guess what we recommend here.

Long Tail SEO versus Competitive SEO Packages

Companies also determine their SEO packages based on the keyword techniques used. Competitive keywords tend to be short and catchy and these enjoy high search traffic on search engines. On the other hand, long tail keywords are not as competitive, are often longer and command less search traffic. A great example of competitive keywords is ‘credit cards’ while the long tail counterpart may be ‘credit card application online’.

While different SEO companies have various packages, these will often fall within the lines of the packages we have named above.

 Quality SEO Packages

SEO, when implemented properly, will significantly boost your page rank and search engine positioning for extremely competitive keywords and phrases. We are a reputable search engine optimization company that fully understands what it takes to reach optimum results with Google, Yahoo and Bing search results.


SEO Packages Pricing

Our team will assist you with keyword research, site optimization tag development, content enhancement, link building, social and more.

We Offer Specialty SEO Packages For:

SEO For Dental Offices SEO For Real Estate SEO For Attorneys
SEO For Hotels SEO For Doctors SEO For Medical Office
SEO For e-commerce SEO For Small Business SEO For Universities
SEO For Vacation Rentals SEO For Car Dealerships SEO For Lawyers


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